E-coli, co-founder of Balter Festival, part of Amen4Tekno Records crew.

Tekno Republic bring you another of the big names of Tek from the Bristol, UK and international scene.

Trying out the Wiley Fox / The Sound House. Probably one of the best mid-sized stages in Dublin.

01.30 - 03.00: E-COLI
12.45 - 01.30: Kushti (Tekno Republic / SolidSound.fm)
12.00 - 12:45: Teknonotice (Irish Underground Sounds)
11.00 - 12:00: Peter Habit (B-Tribal)

Whether playing at sunrise on a beach in Croatia or in the woods of Devon, his well-crafted live sets draw crowds in with infective gypsy melodies and hardcore kick drums. His recently released ‘Sick Gypsy Mix’ gives a glimpse into what to expect from his unusual world of gypsytek.

Tekno Republic crew, part of the Energy Collective Crew and also presenter of SolidSound.fm on 93.9FM in Dublin (Tues 9-11pm). He'll be playing Bangface Weekender for the 3rd time on March 17th as part of the Irish Take-Over

Boss man at Irish Underground Sounds.

Peter Habit, BTribal from Belfast